Say goodbye to

your bookie

Introducing your new portfolio

Our platform replaces the bookie with a peer-to-peer marketplace

Bet on and against outcomes, even set your own odds

Track the performance of all your bets in real time

Full and partial cash-out options on every market

Current sports betting products aren’t fair.
We’re fixing that.

Save Money

Sportsbooks keep up to 10% of your money. Sporttrade keeps less than 1%.

Bet Quickly

No more long delays with bet processing. Our patent pending technology can handle thousands of bets per second.

Cut Out The Bookie

Bookies win when you lose. On our platform, you determine the odds, not some bookie.

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The Team

Alex Kane


Alex has always combined his passion for sports and finance. As a former Division I athlete, Alex ran a successful sports consultancy group before deciding to disrupt sports betting with Sporttrade’s trading platform.

Greg Scott


When Greg isn’t architecting efficient and scalable trading technology you can find him rooting for the Flyers or strumming your favorite 90’s rock riffs on his guitar.

Henry Fuz


Working on Ops usually means Henry will do whatever it takes to help the team tackle the current problem. Henry’s worked at several fin-tech startups and used to consult with PwC.